Terms of Use

Terms of Use

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome to vbir.co.il (“the Website“) by VBIR – certified public accountants (“the Office” or “we“).

Our address: Rogovin-Tidhar tower, 18th floor, 11 Menahem Begin St., Ramat Gan 52681. T: +972-3-6251166; F: +972-3-6251176; E-mail: info@vbir.co.il.

  • The content published on this Website is intended for information purposes for private users only.
  • The information published on this Website does not constitute an alternative to accounting consultation or other professional consultation of any sort.
  • The information published on the publications tab or in the Office’s newsletter is relevant only to the date of publish. You are solely responsible for our use of the information published on the Website. The Office and/or any of its representatives will not be held liable for any discrepancies between the information published on the Website and official state publications, or for damages of any kind, that may incur due to use of the information published on the Website.
  • By using and browsing this Website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed, without restrictions or reservations to: (1) our terms of use as detailed hereinafter; and (2) our Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Terms of Use“). If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you are required to cease any use of the Website.
  • The users will not use the Website in any way that does not comply with the Terms of Use, and will not prevent or disrupt the use of others and/or the Website’s activity, including by delivery of spam and/or digital worms and/or viruses and/or bots etc.

The Office reserves the right to change or amend the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, occasionally. The binding version of the Terms of Use is the version that is in force when using the Website.

  • The Terms of Use are binding for all users, whether they use the Website on their computer, their mobile phone, or any other means of technology, that are known now or will be known in the future.
  1. Services Provided by the Website
    • The Website offers or may offer the following:
      • Information regarding the professional services offered by the Office.
      • Publication and articles. The Office publishes – on the Website and in its newsletter – articles concerning the accounting and financial fields. All articles are authored by the accountants at the Office or anyone on their behalf, unless specified otherwise, and are protected pursuant to the Israeli and international Copyright Law. The publications are relevant only to the date of publish, and users are held liable for their use of the information that the publications contain.
      • Glossary – the Website contains a glossary which includes accounting terms and other financial terms, for the convenience of the users. This glossary does not constitute an alternative to professional consultation and the users will be held liable for their use of the glossary.
      • Links – the Website contains a list of links to Websites of relevant financial and accounting bodies. The Office and/or any of its representatives will not be held liable for the content published on the linked websites and the users will use the links under their own responsibility.
    • Users are welcome to subscribe to the office’s newsletter, which contains publications relating to the office’s fields of activity, and is published occasionally. The Office reserves the right to cease the publication of the newsletter at any time, and the subscribed users shall not make any claim against the Office for doing so.
    • It is possible to contact the Office via the “contact us” tab.
  2. Privacy
    • Users wishing to unsubscribe from the newsletter can do so by clicking on the designated link appearing in the emails sent by the Office, or by sending an email to info@vbir.co.il.
    • The office reserves the right to use cookies in order to store information for the benefit of the users. Users can change their browser settings at any time to prevent the use of cookies or to delete existing cookies.
    • For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  3. Intellectual Property
    • Trademarks. All names and signs included in the Website, including commercial names, symbols, icons, graphics or logos may be registered or otherwise protected trademarks owned by the Office or by third parties. The use or abuse of said trademarks is strictly prohibited any may constitute a violation of Trademarks Law, Copyrights Law or other Intellectual Property Laws.
    • Copyright. The content displayed on this Website, including its design, graphics, texts, pictures, etc., are (or may be) protected pursuant to Copyright Law. Consequently, it is strictly forbidden to copy the website’s content, download, change, duplicate or publish any information or content included on this Website, or any part of it, in any electronic means or as a hard copy. It is forbidden to create any creative work or derivative work based on pictures, texts, documents or information as mentioned above, without the explicit consent of the office, in writing and in advance.
    • The content of these Terms of Use is not, and will not be, granting a license or conferring any right to intellectual property to users or to third parties, neither explicitly, implicitly, by estoppel nor in any other way.
    • As a user of this Website, if you believe that your intellectual property was copied and published to this website or by this website, in a manner that violates your copyrights or any other right, please contact us via email to info@vbir.co.il, and mention the following: (a) a description of the alleged violation; (b) an identification of the violating publication, in order to allow us to locate it on our website; (c) your contact details.
  4. Third parties and links
    • The Website contains or may contain links and/or referrals to websites owned and/or operated by third parties, which we do not have control over. These links are intended for the convenience of the users, and the office will not be held liable for the accuracy or the reliability of the information included on third parties’ websites, and will not be held liable for damages that will incur due to use of the information included in the links and referrals.
    • The inclusion of third parties’ links in this website does not indicate their approval by the Office or a recommendation made by the Office. By using this website, the users explicitly exempt the office from any liability to their use of third parties’ websites and acknowledge that the access to said websites and the use of them, will be made under different policies and terms of use.
  5. Limitation of liability
    • The Office shall not be held liable to the accuracy or reliability of the website’s content. Without derogating from the above, it is clarified that the Office has the right to control the content published on the Website by other users or third parties, and to control their actions when using the website in any way.
    • In no event shall the Office be held liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, incidental, or consequential damages, incurred to the user by using this website or third parties’ websites, including but not limited to accessing or use of, or inability to use, the Website and the services associated therewith, or any claim regarding mistakes in the content of the Website or an omission of information.

This limitation of liability applies to any damages that may incur to your computer, mobile phone, tablets or any other telecommunication equipment, including but not limited to any unauthorized access or use of our servers, or any interference of broadcast from our Website.

  • The users will be liable for the access to and the use of this Website and its content. The Office reserves the right to change the Website’s content, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason, without prior notice. The users must actively check these documents on a periodic basis.
  • The content of these Terms of Use is not, and will not be, granting any rights or benefits to third parties. The limitation of liability will apply to the fullest lawful extent, according to the relevant jurisdiction.
  • The Office shall not verify the compliance with the local laws in every jurisdiction, and the users bare the sole liability to use the website in compliance with the local laws in their jurisdiction.
  • All limitations of liability will apply to the office’s managers, shareholders, workers and any personnel of their behalf.
  1. Indemnities
    • The users agree indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Office (including its personnel, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, business partners, licensors, suppliers, employees, agents and third-party information providers) from and against all claims, liabilities, losses, expenses, injury or damage to persons or property, money damages and costs, including lawyers’ fees, in relation to the users’ violation of the law or of these Terms of Use.
    • These indemnities include, unlimitedly, all claims, liabilities, losses or expenses resulting from violation of third parties’ rights (including but not limited to copyrights, other rights to intellectual property, the right to a good name and the right to privacy), and from violations caused by users such as the upload of viruses, worms, spiders, trojan horses or any other technological means of inappropriate behavior, that are known today or will be known in the future.
    • The indemnities will apply regardless of territory or time.
  2. Compliance with laws
    • The use of this Website will be in accordance to the Israeli law, regardless of any conflict of laws. The interpretation and enforcement of these Terms of Use or any dispute or legal procedure deriving from them, will be made in accordance with Israeli law.
    • All legal actions or legal disputes arising out of or relating to the Website or to these terms of use, shall be resolved exclusively by the authorized Courts of Tel Aviv-Jaffa in Israel.
    • The Office reserves the right to any compensation, aid or remedy in case of violation of these terms of use.
    • If any provision of these Terms of Use is held invalid, void or unenforceable, then such provisions shall be construed to reflect the intentions of the invalid or unenforceable provisions to the fullest extent permissible under any law, with all other provisions remaining in full force and effect.