Wealth Management

Wealth Management for Families and Individuals

Wealth Management for Families and Individuals

“Wealth Management” is a service given to wealthy individuals and families.  This field includes financial consulting and reporting services, support in managing financial and real investments, taxation consulting, assistance in submitting reports to tax and other authorities and support (consulting, accounting and the like) with regard to the client’s specific needs.

We are aware that Wealth Management services involve in-depth familiarity with the client and his needs, and we act accordingly.  It is of the greatest importance for the client to be able to trust us absolutely.

Our firm has accumulated extensive know-how, vast experience and access to external entities regarding contacts with investment consultants, financial consultants, legal and real estate consultants, providers of accounting and taxation services, retirement planning, and more.

The team working with WM clients bases its activities on the following principles:

  1. Never to manage investments and/or advise on making investments (only to constitute the principal liaison with experts in the field).
  2. Always act as the client’s trustee, absolutely and uncompromisingly.
  3. Provide service with the highest personal and professional integrity.

From our experience, the service must be tailored for each individual/family according to the following range of needs:

  1. Detailed mapping of the family’s assets in all aspects connected with ownership and use (signature rights, liaison personnel of all related entities).
  2. In-depth examination of tax liabilities in Israel and overseas, made on the basis of familiarity with all financial and other investments.
  3. Analysis and display of the allocation of the family’s investments and assets as the most significant tool for capital preservation for the coming generations.
  4. Strict risk management according to types, with the controls required by investment/bank managers.
  5. Comparative measurement of portfolio managers’ performance and ensuring execution of the investment policy defined by the client.
  6. Examination of execution of transfers, and commissions within and between the various banks.
  7. Providing assistance for current and annual needs as required by the various authorities in Israel and overseas: Income Tax, VAT, National Insurance, Bank of Israel, FATCA, and the like.
  8. Donations – concentration of handling required to execute a donation.
  9. Cooperation with legal and other professional consultants.
  10. Obtaining information in real time in order to ensure execution as guided by the client..
  11. And more…..