Private Companies

Private Companies

is a firm with expertise, professional know-how and experience in providing auditing services, preparing financial statements and related reports of private companies operating in the fields of commerce, services, industry, hi-tech and the like.

Our firm provides private companies with many and varied services, such as auditing and preparing annual financial statements, including tax adjustments, tax assessments, accounting, payroll, assistance and consulting on taxation accounting issues, current work vis-à-vis the tax authorities, and the like.

The auditing work is performed by using advanced work methods and regular auditing procedures, enabling us to perform the auditing work as professionally and efficiently as possible


A partnership is the incorporation of a number of legal entities (individuals, companies), managing a joint enterprise for the purpose of business activity and profit.

Our firm provides the partnerships with a range of services, such as accounting, preparing annual statements for the partnership and for its partners, current handling vis-à-vis the tax authorities, consulting and assistance on accounting and taxation issues.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations (incl. public benefit companies) are entities based on unique legal, accounting and taxation characteristics.VBIR has formulated high professional ability regarding the auditing services offered to non-profit organizations As a result of its vast experience, our firm provides the societies with many services which help to promote their goals.

The services available from our firm are – auditing services and preparation of periodical financial statements according to generally accepted accounting principles for non-profit organizations, current work vis-à-vis  the authorities, assistance in complying with the requirements of the Registrar of Societies and in obtaining approvals under Section 46 for Income Tax purposes, consulting concerning negotiations regarding compliance with the Comptroller General’s accounting requirements, assistance in preparing the annual budget, current consulting for the organization’s institutions, and the like.