We perform due diligence at the request of our clients, as part of the processes of investment-acquisition and examination of companies before a decision is taken on an investment.

The members of the firm’s staff have broad experience in cooperating with law firms, economic consultants, actuaries, computerization experts and other consultants whose involvement is required as part of the due diligence team in accordance with the client’s needs.

The following activities are part of the due diligence process:

  • Examining risks in the business from the operating aspect
  • Examining risks in the business from the financing aspect
  • Analysing the company’s financial statements
  • Examining the reliability of historical figures
  • Examining the company’s financial strength
  • Examining exposure to various statutory entities, such as Income Tax, Value Added Tax, National Insurance, as well as compliance with regulations and laws to which the business is exposed (financially!).