One of VBIR’s specific fields of expertise is Wealth Management – capital management and financial monitoring for individuals and families who own capital (financial assets, investments in corporations, real estate and other assets).  Our firm’s Wealth Management services give clients a great deal of added value in the management of their assets, formulating the asset management policy, supervision and control of the assets and how they are managed – all utilizing the know-how accumulated by the firm and the entities with whom we work.

Our outstanding advantages in working vis-à-vis our clients in the fields of Wealth Management:

  • VBIR’s status as a CPA firm, which enables us to view the full picture of the client’s assets and overall needs. Alongside the provision of personal service, VBIR serves as a single address to coordinate the professional handling of the client, including consulting and close supervision together with the best experts in their fields.
  • We are independent CPAs, serving as the clients’ trustees, dedicated to them under full confidentiality.
  • VBIR’s accumulated experience and know-how in working vis-à-vis prominent financial entities (financial institutions, investment managers) both in Israel and worldwide.
  • Expertise and professionalism in preparing reliable periodic financial and accounting reports that are tailored according to the client’s needs.
  • The professional ability to integrate taxation considerations in the clients’ decision-making process and to assist them in their tax planning.
  • Our ability to prepare professionally the required reports to the various authorities – annual and semi-annual reports to the tax authorities, reports to the Bank of Israel and other institutions/entities, as required by the client.

Our firm’s work vis-à-vis the financial entities is performed independently, and as the clients’ representatives, taking account solely of their benefit and needs.  Our membership in GGI, the sixth largest international network, enables excellent access to financial entities, investment managers and consultants and taxation consultants worldwide.

The services include:

  • Assistance to clients in mapping their assets, organizing the relevant documentation and defining the requirements for obtaining reports from investment entities and/or entities in which the clients have invested.
  • Assistance to clients in the process of examining investment policy. Clients are required to examine the investment policy, with our help, taking account of their total capital, sources of income, age and family status, and the goals of the investment, including the needs of family members and of coming generations.
  • Assistance in the selection of financial institutions, investment managers and consultants, both in Israel and worldwide. In this field we can serve as the client’s liaison vis-à-vis the financial entities in order to obtain reports, consultations on implementation of commission structure, making changes in investment portfolios, etc.
  • Preparing current reports (current status), displaying financial and other assets, their composition and yield, comparison of investment managers, profits and losses in investment portfolios and other components as required by the client.
  • Preparing the reports required by the various authorities – Income Tax, National Insurance, FATCA, Bank of Israel and others.