Taxation is an integral part of managing a business, whether as an self-employed operator, a small company or large corporation.  The business results of any enterprise are also affected by its tax results.

VBIR possesses extensive professional knowledge and many years of experience in providing consulting services on taxations issues.

According to our overall viewpoint, these services are provided expertly and professionally, taking account of the client’s needs and subject to the requirements of the various tax laws.  These services are provided by a team consisting of professional and experienced CPAs and senior tax consultants, continually supervised by the VBIR partners.

The firm’s staff assists and accompanies the taxation considerations of the corporation, from the stage of its establishment, throughout the years of its operation, and ending at the stage of selling and/or liquidating the business.

VBIR offers a range of services in the field of taxation, including the following:

  • Assistance and tax consulting for companies and self-employed operators
  • Current handling and representation vis-à-vis the Tax Authority on the complex of issues relating to self-employees operators, controlling shareholders, companies and non-profit organizations.
  • Current handling and consulting vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute
  • Assistance at the founding stages of the business/enterprise
  • Handling tax consulting in connection with retirement arrangements and related issues
  • Working to obtain pre-rulings for transactions from the tax authorities
  • Consulting on individuals’ taxation aspects regarding investments in negotiable securities in Israel and overseas
  • Consulting on transactions concerning capital gains, tax deferral, losses set off , etc.
  • Consulting concerning citizenship for tax purposes, both for Israeli corporations which own foreign companies and for foreign corporations which own Israeli companies.