Corporate taxation involves quite a few complex variables and requires the professional attention of an expert in the field.

The VBIR team assists and accompanies companies and corporations from their inception throughout the years of their operation, until a decision is made on sale and/or liquidation.  The rate and composition of taxes depends very much on the characteristics of the company itself, its manner of operation, and other parameters.

Our firm provides the following services to corporations:

  • Advice on methods of operation, holding structure and form of incorporation – whatever serves the client’s tax purposes in accordance with its goals and the principles of the law.
  • Submission of periodic tax reports, including complex reports (for enterprises entitled to tax benefits, reports for tax purposes, foreign tax credits and more).
  • Accompanying transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, corporate split-up.
  • Representation before the various tax authorities at tax hearings and in order to obtain pre-rulings.
  • Handling special salary taxation arrangements.
  • Consulting on resident status for tax purposes.


Effective tax consulting and planning, using the tools provided by the law, may produce a significant financial saving for the business, with maximum exploitation of the rights due to it under the law.